Eliza Bourgault - Musician

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Do you have an engagement party or a wedding coming up? The harp is the perfect instrument for these occasions. I have plenty of experience playing for weddings and I love contributing to this event by providing music. As a wedding musician, I am happy to perform:

  •  Harp solo
  •  Singing accompanied by harp
  •  Harp with flute or violin


I can play for engagement parties and provide background music on the harp. Mostly I would just play pieces and songs from my repertoire list but I can definitely take requests (minimum 3 weeks notice).


If you are thinking of having live harp music for your wedding ceremony, I suggest the following structure:

  • 15-20mins of background music as guests arrive
  •  1 song for the bride processional
  •  1 song for the signing of the register
  •  1 song for the recessional
  •  15-20mins of background music

This is a very common and traditional structure but I am flexible and can accomodate to any structures as long as it is clear where I am supposed to play!


Please note that I will only take bookings that are one hour long minimum. In general, a wedding ceremony which follows the structure I've outlined above takes just about an hour.

For bookings over an hour, my fee is variable and depends on distance and time and may be negotiable. Simply let me know when and where your wedding is and the approximate time I will be needed and I will give you a quote.


To make a booking, simply go on my Contact page, let me know when your wedding is, and I will confirm my availability.


I am a versatile musician. I can play both classical music and popular music. From Bach to Taylor Swift, I can play virtually anything. The following document is my current repertoire list: Repertoire list.

If you would like to hear what some of this music sounds like, I have some recordings up on Soundcloud.


On the day of the wedding, I will bring with me:

  •  My harp
  •  My music stand
  •  My chair

I will however need you to provide:

  •  Parking that isn't too far from the venue: if the car park is free, please save a car space for me by placing a witch's hat with the sign "Harpist" written on it. If the car park is not free, please organise for me to have a parking permit for the required times.
  •  Easy access to the venue: let me know where the lift/ramp is if the harp is to be taken upstairs or to a higher level.
  •  Protection from direct sunlight and/or rain if the wedding is outdoors - very important: ideally a little marquee would be perfect but a big parasol/umbrella can do the job nicely.


Some people often wonder if the harp needs to be amplified, especially if the wedding ceremony happens outside in a wide open space. This is a difficult question and depends on many factors (number of guests, weather, where I am placed in relation to the audience), and often times you can't really have a definite answer until the actual day.

If you have a small number of guests, I shouldn't need to be amplified. For larger crowds, maybe.

If it is windy, I may need to be amplified unless the Wind carries the sound in the direction of the audience.

In any case, it might be good to arrange with your organisers to have one extra microphone for the harp. I always arrive at least 15 minutes early to set up which usually leaves enough time for a quick soundcheck and possible microphone/amp set-up for the harp if it is needed.


If I am required to stay for longer than I am booked for, an extra fee will apply depending on where the venue is and how long I end up staying. I will let you know what my overtime rate is when you make the booking. I obviously cannot guarantee I can stay longer than what I have been booked for so it is your responsibility ensuring you are on time.


Payments will be made via an online transfer. I will invoice you the total amount after the wedding.


If you have any other queries, please don't hesitate to send them to me via my contact page.