Eliza Bourgault - Musician

Music to transform the world 

The transformative and healing powers of music are increasingly being studied and used in many healthcare settings including hospitals and hospices, for individuals with special needs or physical conditions; who are undergoing invasive and difficult treatment; who are at the end of their lives. Music is able to soothe and calm people who are stressed, anxious and nervous. It can bring temporary peace and help people relax in the moment.

Eliza's musical and expressive playing, combined with her improvisation skills and empathetic nature, means she is able to respond to a person's physiological, emotional, spiritual or psychological needs.

Eliza owns a portable Celtic harp as well as a beautiful RĂªverie harp (pictured left) which can be played by patients.

Eliza is a current student of the International Harp Therapy Program and she is involved with Brightwater's Music Pharmacy.

Below is a recording of an improvisation which includes Greensleeves.

Bourgault du CoudrayE_Aeolian improvisation